relevate cash+

Prospect of more returns

Do you have a vested benefits account with little income? With our relevate cash+ strategy, you can invest your vested benefits in the money market at attractive interest rates.

Vested benefits money market

Your benefits:

  • Returns in line with the market

  • Lower risk

  • Highly flexible

  • Easy to switch to relevate

The alternative to a savings account, but with a better interest rate

Traditional savings accounts currently offer interest rates of well below one per cent, even though the interest rate set by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) is now 1.50%.

With relevate cash+ you participate directly in the SNB interest rate, as the relevate cash+ target yield is very close to it.

How does relevate cash+ work?

With relevate cash+, you invest in first-class money market investments denominated in Swiss francs via a Swisscanto fund from Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB).

The fund is optimally positioned thanks to its short average term and good diversification. As a result, the fund responds very quickly to interest rate changes and reflects the current interest rate level efficiently and in the best possible way.

Advantages over a savings account

Better returns! With a savings account, the money is placed with a bank and you receive interest on it. At relevate cash+, funds are spread in a broadly diversified manner in the form of an investment.

Low risk! If a bank goes bankrupt, the funds in a normal savings account are only secured up to a certain amount. With relevate cash+, the money is invested with a low level of risk. As a result, these are treated as separate assets and do not form part of the bankruptcy estate if the worst comes to the worst.

Simply switch to relevate and benefit

Opening an account with relevate online takes just a few steps. The formalities for transferring the account to relevate are generated in the digital opening process. As soon as relevate receives your vested benefits, you can start implementing the relevate cash+ strategy and secure attractive money market interest rates.

relevate cash+ is suitable for you if…

  1. … you are looking for a secure account for your vested benefits.

  2. … you want higher interest than with a traditional savings account.

  3. … you want to digitise and simplify your retirement provision.

  4. … you have a short investment horizon.

The money market fund has a lower risk

Market interest rates are subject to fluctuations, so the prices of this investment and therefore your relevate cash+ yield may vary slightly. Nevertheless, investments in the money market can be classified as very safe, making them a genuine alternative to a savings account.
The reasons for this are:

relevate relevate Top debtor ratings

The Swisscanto money market fund used only purchases instruments from companies with very good ratings. This means that the risk of default is very low.

relevate relevate Highly diversified

The Swisscanto fund invests in a broadly diversified manner in over 100 different money market instruments worldwide.

relevate relevate Short maturities

The individual investments in the fund have a very short maturity of no more than one year. As a result, the impact of interest rate changes on the price of the instruments is minimal.

relevate relevate Security

If the bank goes bankrupt, pension savings deposits are privileged under bankruptcy law up to CHF 100,000, whereas a money market fund does not appear on the bank’s balance sheet and thus affords greater protection.