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The digital account for vested benefits and pillar 3a

What is relevate?

Quick, secure and completely digital – relevate lets you invest your vested benefits and pillar 3a assets in index funds or the money market.

You have complete control: do you want to focus entirely on return opportunities or limit your risk? – Decide for yourself by choosing up to eight different strategies.

For anyone who does not want to invest their pension assets, relevate cash is available, offering an interest rate of 0.7% – completely free of charge.

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0.45% all-in fee

At relevate, all product and management fees are included in the all-in fee of 0.45%with no hidden costs.

Opening an account and all transfers and deposits are completely free of chargejust like relevate cash!

Pens Expert building
More than 20 years of experience

relevate is backed by PensExpert AG. PensExpert has been established on the market as a pension services provider headquartered in Lucerne since May 2000 and currently manages assets of more than CHF 8 billion.

Our partner bank enjoys an excellent reputation and has recognised expertise: you invest with us in the high-quality Swisscanto index funds of Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB).

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